Why the long (club) face?

Published on 11th April 2017 in Latest News

A group of Golf Managers walked into a bar, and the barman asked “why the long faces?”  It is a twist on an old joke to highlight the issue that the golf industry has been talking itself down for far too long.  It does not need to be that way.

We frequently read stories of golf clubs losing money, the decline in memberships and Clubs that are being forced to close, relocate or merge.  Local governments are being told to close their courses in favour of parkland.

It is well known that people’s habits have changed.  We have increased technology at our fingertips and seemingly less time to do anything.  Golf appears to have fallen victim to this change.  We still have the same amount of hours in the day, and golf still essentially takes the same amount of time to play.  Why the change? 

The problem is that golf is not being prioritised ahead of other options.  And when we, as an industry, are talking ourselves down, why should they?

Let’s change our narrative and focus on the strong points of the game in everything we say.  Coca Cola does not talk about the sugar in their drinks, their message is centred on the happiness that their product delivers.

We should steer away from the perceived negatives of the time taken to play, the difficulty and the cost.  Let’s talk about the positive aspects of the game that grips so many people.  And there are so many that are unique to our sport:

  • Golfers live five years longer

  • It inspires us to travel

  • It keeps us active – 18 holes of golf walking burns 1,500 calories

  • Golf gets us outdoors

  • Golfers spend quality time with each other – not on opposing sides of a court

  • It provides stress relief (subject to minimal 3-putts) – 99% of illness is caused by stress, so why are we not doing everything we can to combat that?

  • It is a true escape from the day to day

  • Anyone can play – TOGETHER!

  • There is perfection in every round – some just achieve it more than others

If we believe it ourselves, then others will too.

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