Welcome from the Chairman

Published on 11th April 2017 in Latest News

Welcome to the first Public Golf Facilities Australia (PGFA) newsletter. It’s a great honour for me to be invited to be the first chairman of this new association.

The PGFA was formed to provide representation for golf facilities that service golfers of all ages and abilities, including driving ranges, mini golf and simulators. One of the key aims was to improve the networking and idea sharing between facilities, so please feel free to contact us if you want to share ideas or ask for assistance.

Our members are at the forefront of golf innovation in Australia and have an important role to play in securing the future of golf.

The PGFA board is comprised of the following industry representatives.

  • Matthew Day – Wembley Golf Course

  • Ian Denny – Golf Services Management

  • Anthony Lawrence – ClubLINKS

  • Gary Booby – The Ridge Golf Course

  • Paul Vardy – Golf Australia

  • Cameron Wade – Golf Australia

  • Gavin Kirkman – PGA of Australia

It is also important to note that the PGFA has the full support of the PGA of Australia and Golf Australia.

The PGFA now has representation at each Australian Golf Course Industry Council (AGIC) board meeting. This is important as it provides our members with the opportunity to pass on ideas and concerns to the key decision makers. The AGIC board has a representative from the following organisations;

  • Golf Australia

  • Australian Golf Course Superintendents

  • Australian Ladies Professional Golf

  • Australian Sporting Goods Association

  • Golf Management Australia

  • Professional Golfers Association of Australia

  • Society of Australian Golf Course Architects Association

Over the coming months our main focus will be on establishing a rounds collation service that is managed by an independent 3rd party. One of the greatest challenges we face is receiving accurate rounds data at a regional and national level. This is important when evaluating the success of our own businesses whilst providing course owners with accurate data on industry trends.

The rounds collation service will only be successful if we all provide our rounds data. What we will be proposing is the recording of high level data only (9 holes, 18 holes and total rounds played), collected on a monthly basis. Please note the data provided will not be passed onto anyone other than the participants and Golf Australia. None of the participants will be aware of the identity of any of the other golf courses providing data.

As we progress this concept further we will be in contact with you all to provide more details.

If you have any feedback or queries on the data collection program or any other issues that face your business please email us at enquiries@publicgolffacilities.com.au

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