Planning for Golf in Victoria – Discussion Paper Response

Published on 4th September 2017 in Latest News

Readers may have heard of the recent study that is being conducted by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) in Victoria about Golf Course land use.

There have been comments such as “I hear they are closing all of the golf courses in Victoria” coming from within and outside of the state.

Some Members of the PGFA have been involved in the discussions with DELWP and can confirm the following in relation to the project.

The State Government partnered with Golf Victoria to develop a long term facility and land use plan for golf in Victoria.  The purpose of the plan is to find ways that golf can remain relevant and deliver benefits to Victorians, while supporting golf courses, clubs and the community as a whole.

A key element is to develop a state-wide golf facilities plan that will meet the future needs of the sport. Melbourne is experiencing significant population growth, with a projected population of 7.9m in 2051. As a result, there is pressure on services and infrastructure for housing, sports facilities and transport.

Five key areas are highlighted in the DELWP discussion paper, being Participation, Membership, Demand and Supply, Governance and Land Use. Ideas have been proposed to foster a conversation about how these facility and land use challenges are navigated. These include a planning decision framework for golf course land development proposals and a regional approach to diversifying golf course facilities.

The golf industry is part of this project, including PGFA Members.  The industry has submitted a collective response to the discussion paper about how they believe the future facility and land use needs of the sport can be met.  The response answered the five key areas and highlighted the participation, social, health and economic benefits that golf provides.  This response will help guide the decisions made. 

There is a genuine acknowledgement for change within the industry.  That is in terms of the products on offer and the services provided across both metropolitan and regional areas.

The consultation process is now closed. Over 140 submissions were received by DELWP and the findings will be presented to Task Force in September.

Should you have any further questions in relation to this study please contact Paul Vardy, Secretary PGFA.

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